Senator Slams President Buhari For Denying Knowledge Of Things Happening In His Government

A Nigerian senator has condemned President Buhari’s habit of always denying knowledge of things going wrong in his government.

A member of the Peoples Democratic Party Senator, Enyinnaya Abaribe representing Abia East, has criticised President Muhammadu Buhari for constantly denying responsibility when things go wrong in his government.
The lawmaker made this known while contributing to a motion on the recent violence killings in Kogi state by suspected herdsmen. He said Mr Buhari is always in the habit of saying, “I don’t know.”
The outpour followed a motion raised by Atai Aidoko Ali on the activities of armed bandits who killed 32 people in two local government areas of Kogi state on Wednesday.
Mr Abaribe said: “I agree with the senate leader who said this is a moment where we have to work with the executive.
“The only thing I don’t agree with is, this executive that you want us to work with, have they accepted that they are the people that have responsibility?
“We have a president that will say I don’t know my IG didn’t even follow my order. A president that says I didn’t even know when this happened. Every little thing he doesn’t know.”

Court Jails Estate Agent 1,230 Years In Lagos

Babatunde Salawudeen has been apparently sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty of serious fraud committed in Lagos.

Justice Oluwatoyin Ipaye of a Lagos High Court sitting in Igbosere Thursday sentenced an Estate agent, Babatunde Habeeb also known as Babatunde Salawudeen, who duped 101, prospective tenants of N28 million, at 59 Oriola, in Alapere Ketu area of Lagos, to 1,230 years imprisonment.
Justice Ipaye found Habeeb guilty of the 82 counts charge of conspiring with his brother Alahaji Ishola Salawudeen who is still at large and obtained the sum of N28million, under false pretence from unsuspecting accommodation seekers.
He was charged with 82 count charges bordering on conspiracy, obtaining under false pretences, stealing and fraud preferred against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC .
The convict had promised to rent out 13 apartments to the accommodation seekers, whom he collected various sums from and issued receipts and thereafter disappeared.

17-Year-Old Boy Who Survived After Being Shot 22 Times Shares His Life Changing Experience A Year Later (Photos)

A man has shared his life changing experience after getting shot 22 times and surviving the shocking encounter.

A 17-year-old teenager who lived a care-free life has shared the touching life changing experience that taught him to value of life.

The man with the Twitter handle @hotboydee whose name is Dmarius Jones revealed how he became a changed person after he was shot 22 times. According to him, God saw him through as he survived the tragedy to tell his story one year later.

Lord so many nights I cried myself to see waiting for this day for everything to be over. Today is that day 1 year ago 22 bullets, months of recovery and suffering,4 months incarcerated, but a life time of life lessons. Thank you LORD all praise and glory be to you!!” he wrote on Twitter.
Read the full story below:

Nigerian Model, Aisha Bello Celebrates Her Birthday In Prison (Photos)

Aisha Bello decided to give some inmates something to smile about as she took to the Ikoyi prison to share some materials on her wedding day.

Former Nigerian international super model turned entrepreneur, Aisha Bello became a year older over the weekend and decided to celebrate it with the downtrodden of the society.
The CEO and Creative Director of Elegantebyaisha and Director of Star Models Africa, graced the Ikoyi prison to celebrate her special day with the inmates.
Aisha donated various items to the inmates and spent time with them as they engaged in merry-making with the delectable ex-queen of the international run-way.

On why she choose to celebrate this year’s birthday in a charitable manner, Aisha explains, “I thought some of us are privileged to be free from restrictions and it is only proper to remember those who are in confinement. I wanted them to know that there can be love out out there and even though they have challenges right now, they should never give up on love and goodness. If and when they eventually get their freedom back, they should keep a positive attitude towards life.”
In her heydays as a model, Aisha was busy modelling for top international fashion brands at famous shows such as The New York Fashion Week, Mercedes Fashion Week and others, Aisha Bello owns one of the fastest ready to wear brand in Nigeria, and she launched her modeling agency which according to her is aimed at presenting Nigeria and Africa models to the International market.

Mother From Hell: Woman Beats Her Own Baby To Death While Trying To ‘Rid The Child Of The Devil’

A woman has reportedly murdered her own baby in a most gruesome manner while allegedly trying to rid the child of the devil.

It has been reported that one Evelyn Jacobs, the mother of a seven-month-old baby, who believed her child was possessed by demons, allegedly beat the infant continuously for two days in an attempt to perform an exorcism.
According to a report by IOL, some shocking details of how the baby was murdered were revealed in a South-African Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday during the bail application of Evelyn Jacobs.
Jacobs is accused of killing her baby after she and her co-accused, Emmanuel Welcome, apparently tried to perform an exorcism on the child.
The court heard that the infant allegedly suffered ongoing abuse for about two and a half days in the hands of Jacobs and Welcome.
According to the testimony of the investigating officer, Detective Constable Kgositsile Taolo, the incident occurred after Welcome told the mother that her child was possessed by demons.
“According to the testimony of a witness who wishes to remain anonymous, on October 12, 2016, the accused (Jacobs) and a friend, Veronica, went to Welcome’s shanty on October 12 last year. Jacobs had her seven-month-old baby with her at the time,” Taolo told the court.
“When they arrived at the shack, Welcome said the child was possessed by evil spirits. The mother concurred and the two accused then beat the child with open hands across her body and head.
“Welcome also took a Bible and started hitting the child with the Bible on her stomach. Later that night, the child could not sleep as she was in pain,” said Taolo.
He added that the assault on the child continued the next day.
“The witness said the next morning, she was woken up by the baby’s cries. When she looked at where the child and the mother, as well as Welcome, were sleeping, she saw them hitting the child with their open hands.
“She asked the two accused to stop, as they were hurting the child and could end up killing the baby.
“They, however, continued and she (the witness) took the child. As she was about to leave with the child, Welcome grabbed the infant by the feet.
“A tug over the infant then ensued. The mother came and assisted Welcome and the two successfully managed to get the child away (from the witness).
“The mother then placed the child on the bed and handed Welcome a rope, which she instructed him to hit the child with.
“Jacobs took off her slippers and hit the child with the shoes. The child was crying and the witness again tried to take the child, but was unsuccessful.”
According to Taolo, Jacobs took a sjambok (leather whip) and used it on the child. The witness could no longer witness the abuse and went out of the shanty and cried.
“The mother followed her and told her not to worry about the child as they saw that the child was not human but a snake.”
Taolo said the mother returned to the shack and the abuse continued.
“The witness went back into the shack and saw the child lying on the floor. She again asked the accused to leave the child alone. She told the mother that they had to feed the child and tried to give it milk. As she was feeding the child, the mother took the bottle and poured the milk out.
“She then mixed some salt and water and gave it to the infant. The child refused to drink the salt mixture. The mother again beat the child and Welcome took the jug containing the salt water mixture and poured it onto the child’s face.
“The child then stretched out her hands and kicked as the water was poured onto her face. The mother said that it was a sign of evil spirits and that she was sticking out her tongue like a snake. The mother told the witness to step away from the child, warning her that she would suck her blood.
“She then took the child by the feet and placed her on the stoep (a veranda in front of a house), close to a dog which was on a chain. The witness again took the child, fearing that the dog might bite the child. However, the mother grabbed the child and hit her over the head,” he said.
The witness, who could not stand the ongoing abuse, left both the accused with the child.
Taolo said the witness later went to check on the child and found that her right foot was bleeding. When she asked the mother about the injury, the mother responded by saying that the child belonged to her.
According to the witness, the situation got even worse after the child started crying again the next morning.
“The mother took a bucket with water and put salt, as well as cleaning agents, into the water. She mixed all the ingredients together and bathed the baby in it. When she took the baby from the bucket, the child’s body was stiff and foam was coming from her mouth. The police and an ambulance were then called,” he said.
Taolo told the court that the child died in a gruesome manner and opposed the granting of bail to the mother of the child.
“The accused has no previous record or pending cases. However, the manner in which this innocent, defenceless child died, was gruesome. This is a small child who has been robbed of her future,” he said.
He said the family of the accused were also against her being granted bail.
“The accused has two other children, a six-year-old boy, and a one-year-old daughter. The children are staying with family in Pampierstad. The accused has no contact with the children and the family want it to remain that way.
“They fear for the safety of the children should the accused be released,” he said.
Jacobs’ legal representative, Meghan Kleinsmith, pointed out that the accused had already been in custody for a year and almost six months and argued that this was grounds for her to get bail.
The State, represented by Advocate Shareen Links, however, said that Jacobs had, during an earlier appearance, opted to abandon her bail awaiting the outcome of her psychiatric report. The results of the psychiatric report indicated that she was fit to stand trial.
Magistrate Cornelia Voster denied Jacobs’ bail application.
The matter was postponed to later this month, awaiting a decision from the Director of Public Prosecutions on whether the matter will be transferred to a higher Court.

Afe Babalola Speaks On Who Is Responsible For Killer Herdsmen, Boko Haram Menace

Nigerian Lawyer and founder of Afe Babalola University, Afe Babalola, has opened up on who is responsible for the destruction and killings by Boko Haram and Herdsmen in the country.

While speaking in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital on Thursday where he received an award of ‘Sir Ahmadu Bello Platinum’ by the Northern Youths Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Afe Babalola, has ‘absolved’ President Buhari of culpability in the spate of killings and the state of insecurity around the country.
According to PREMIUM Times, the foremost Nigerian legal practitioner, blamed the military for altering the political structure of the country, saying the action had resulted in conflicts occurring in the“forms of herdsmen killings and Boko Haram insurgency”.
The proprietor of Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti, said the military coup of 1966, which ushered in a “lopsided unitary system” in the country and abrogated the regional system, was responsible for the “unwholesome scenarios playing out”.
“The essence of government is to guarantee the security of lives and property of the people. President Buhari is not to blame for this insecurity but the military,” he said.
“Before military took over in 1966, Nigeria was operating regional system with each region growing and developing faster at its own pace.
“These regions were closer to the people. Killings or insurgency were alien to our culture then. Nigerians love one another, though they were divided politically.
“I want to say that if those regions were allowed then, the country would have had a nation or nations that are well developed today.”
He lamented the state of governance in Nigeria. “Many pensioners have died having been owed several years of pension arrears,” he said.
“Even those in the service were owed seven or eight months salary arrears, so just like I said earlier, our leaders have turned us into beggars.”
He also noted that his university has the vision to build the youth into a reliable future leaders. “There are many rich people in Nigeria who can establish this kind of university with the vision to bring quality education as well as moral and cultural values to the doorstep of Nigerians,” he said.
“If we have this kind of university in each of the six geopolitical zones or every state, Nigeria will change for better.
“Go to the North and propagate the ideals which my university stands for. Nigeria must be united at all cost for us to make a headway and overcome all our challenges.”


The much anticipated and highly publicized event, Nokian Tyres Launch painted the city of Lagos with buzz of glitter and enterprise rave moments.

Nokian Tyres tailor their tyres to suit the needs of different markets, with unique innovations and high-tech structural solutions that provide additional peace of mind to secure safety.

Nokian Tyres Liability covers raw material and manufacture defects. The Liability remains effective for Five ( 5) Years after the manufacture of the tyres.

Nigerian automobile tyres industry will experience disruptive change in doing business through -platform, which will revolutionize business situation in the auto market, and strengthen the nation’s economy.

Top business men and women, stakeholders from transportation, automobile, logistics and media industries flooded the prestigious Oriental Hotel Lekki Lagos on 23rd of February, 2018 in honor of the new brand set to strengthen the Nigerian auto industry, and provide employment for the youths. The high point was when an honourable member of the Lagos State House of Assembly and a veteran Nollywood Actor/Producer, Hon. Desmond Elliot walked in on the aisle of a special invitation, in his statement told the guests and all that the nokian tyres is the brand everybody should invest in. Also in attendance were the Lagos state Commissioner for culture and Tourism, Commissioner for police; all represented by their delegates, StanbicIBTC, Zenith Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, NTA, influence with aquinas media, and a host of other financial institutions and notable personalities. It was a rendezvous of all who matter in the society.

Helen Meju Set To Drop New Hit Soon

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