Shocking: This Young Girl Has Ants Living Inside Her Eyes And No One Knows How They Got There (Photos)

A young girl has been found out to have ants inside her eyes and no one understand how they managed to get inside there.

According to a report by Daily Mail UK, doctors have been left baffled after finding ants in the eyes of an 11-year-old girl after she complained of severe pain and inflammation in her eyes.
Ashwini, of Nellingeri village, in Belthangady, India, told her parents that she felt something in her eyes, and after looking they found an ant below her eyelid.
At that point, the parents thought nothing of it as they believed the insect had landed in their daughter’s eye during her sleep.
But when the problem continued they consulted a doctor at the local hospital and were informed that the ants had probably entered through the girl’s ears.

Eye drops were prescribed to help the irritation subside.
Yet despite the medication, nearly 5-6 ants have been coming out of her eyes daily.
As many as 60 dead ants have so far come out of her eyes in the last 10 days.
On Monday, Ashwini was taken to an eye hospital at Moodabidri by her school teachers.
However the doctors, without seeing the phenomenon for themselves, have reportedly said that they can’t make any conclusions.

17-Year-Old Boy Who Survived After Being Shot 22 Times Shares His Life Changing Experience A Year Later (Photos)

A man has shared his life changing experience after getting shot 22 times and surviving the shocking encounter.

A 17-year-old teenager who lived a care-free life has shared the touching life changing experience that taught him to value of life.

The man with the Twitter handle @hotboydee whose name is Dmarius Jones revealed how he became a changed person after he was shot 22 times. According to him, God saw him through as he survived the tragedy to tell his story one year later.

Lord so many nights I cried myself to see waiting for this day for everything to be over. Today is that day 1 year ago 22 bullets, months of recovery and suffering,4 months incarcerated, but a life time of life lessons. Thank you LORD all praise and glory be to you!!” he wrote on Twitter.
Read the full story below:

Heartbreaking: Air Hostess Commits Suicide By Jumping Out Of A Plane Inside Airport (Photo)

An air hostess has reportedly committed suicide by jumping off the plane she was in inside the airport.

A Bulgarian air hostess working with the Emirates Air has reportedly died.
The woman committed suicide today at the Entebbe International Airport, Uganda.
According to Capital FM, the deceased, identified simply as Elena, jumped out through the emergency exit door, shortly before take-off.
She was immediately rushed to Kisubi Hospital, were she died.
More details later

Nigeria Ranked 5th Happiest Country In Africa – UN Happiness Report

Nigeria has been rated the 5 happiest country in the African continent with some Nigerians laughing sarcastically at the report.

The United Nations annual World Happiness Report has named Mauritius the most happiest country in Africa , while naming Burundi the saddest country in Africa.
The World Happiness Report 2018, ranked 156 countries by their happiness levels, based on factors including life expectancy, social freedom, absence of corruption and migration within and between countries.
According to the report, Top of the chart in Africa is Mauritius, which rose from second place to push out Algeria which was ranked happiest country in Africa in 2017.
Libya which was ranked third happiest country in Africa in 2017 also came forward this year to clinch the second position.
Africa’s giant, Nigeria also moved up in this year’s ranking to clinch the fifth position despite all the turmoils happening in the country. Last year Nigeria was ranked sixth happiest country in Africa.
Other counries that made the list include Cameroon (7) & South Africa (9).
See full list below:
Top 10 Happiest Countries In Africa – UN Happiness Report
1. Mauritius
2. Libya
3. Algeria
4. Morocco
5. Nigeria
6. Somalia
7. Cameroon
8. Gabon
9. South Africa
10. Ivory Coast

18-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide Over Poor JAMB UTME Score In Delta State

A teenage Nigerian woman seeking for admission has reportedly taken her own life after securing a very low UTME score.

An admission-seeker simply identified as Loveth has reportedly killed herself in Ekiugbo, Ughelli North local government area of Delta State.
According to The Nation, Loveth, who was said to be displeased with the 163 mark she garnered in the ongoing Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), was found dead at her home on Wednesday morning.
Before her death, she had applied to study medicine in the university. She reportedly died after taking three bottles of Sniper which was found by her side on Wednesday morning.
According to sources, Loveth had gone to check her UTME result on Tuesday and discovered to her amazement that she had scored far lower than she had expected and would not secure admission to the university to study her “dream course.”
The 18-year old reportedly left the centre very distraught and wept profusely before killing herself.

Man Allegedly Beats His Pregnant Wife To Death In Bayelsa (Photo)

In another case of domestic violence, a man living in Bayelsa state this morning reportedly killed his pregnant wife.

A Nigerian man has been attacked by a mob after he allegedly beat his wife to death at Amarata Epie, Yenagoa, Bayelsa state.
Sharing the story on Facebook, Special Assistant to the Governor of Bayelsa State on Social media, Abel Ifiemi revealed that the woman was pregnant before her death.
According to him, the man is likely not to escape the mob action as the crowd who gathered over the incident are calling for his head.

A Man just killed his pregnant wife in Anmabra in the process of beating her!
I smell a Jungle Justice if care is not taken!”

Drama As Nigerian Lady Gets Blocked On President Buhari’s Twitter Account… See Why (Photos)

A young Nigerian lady has been blocked by President Muhammadu Buhari’s Twitter account after she made a comment on the page.

A Nigerian lady has been blocked on Twitter by President Muhammadu Buhari’s account.
Identified as Nonye Biko, the lady who boasts of almost 9000 followers on Twitter, got blocked after she made a comment about the President and his dear son, Yusuf.
Trouble started when Nonye reacted to a Post by B-R football about Liberian President, George Weah’s son joining PSG. She was impressed that George Weah’s son was going to work for his own money and follow his passion despite the fact that his father was the President of Liberia.
She then insinuated that Buhari’s son should be able to do things like paying his own medical bills after the power bike accident he had .
Below is how she put her comment:

Shortly after making the comment, she revealed that she had been blocked by the President’s Twitter account with the screenshot below:

Twitter users have reacted with many questioning why the President’s Twitter handlers cannot stomach a little criticisms.

Old E-Class Turned Into Rolls-Royce: The Real Story (Photos)

This is an inspirational story of how a yet to be identified group of automobile engineers transformed an old Benz vehicle into a highly priced Rolls Royce.

Last year, AutoReportNG broke the news that a Kenyan man transformed a Mercedes Benz car to a Rolls Royce.
Well, some fact finding exercises have been done and contrary to speculations, this did not happen in Kenya. Searchlight was beamed on this and reporters are able to get some factual proofs that it happened in Kazakhstan.
There was a group of mechanics or should we say a magicians that are versatile in changing the model of cars at will in a beautiful way.
As you can tell from the photo gallery below, these tuners spent a lot of time looking at photos of the Phantom they printed on A4 sheets of paper.
See more pictures below:

What I Did To My Lecturer Who Failed Me Six Years Ago – Social Media User Talks Payback

This is a trending story about how a social media user from the South-western part of Nigeria treated an old lecturer of his.

My first day in the Biology laboratory was a dreadful one. During a briefing session a day before we were to have practical during my 100level.
We had been told that it is a customary to always put on the ‘laboratory coat’ each and every time we have practicals, hence whosoever without the laboratory coat will be punished.
I’d no money as at that time to buy laboratory coat, and the first practical came just too soon. I couldn’t borrow as my only friend in the school then was Asiwaju Olalekan Godson Ayodeji. Anyway, I knew breaking the rule of not putting a ‘laboratory coat’ was a bad idea but I was young and wrong to take that risk.
I had no choice than to enter into the laboratory room to get engaged with my fellow departmental mates.
Not quite long after I entered the lab, one of the biology lecturer who handled biology practical came around. He spotted few of us without the ‘laboratory coat’ and decided to play a fast track on us, he wanted to get hold of us. I was fortunate to be sitting near the entrance door, so I got away.
He was able to lay hands on few guys unaware but everyone of us that escaped went into his black book. He called our class rep then, and collected our matric numbers. Printed them and pasted them in his office. It was printed boldly.
That was how myself and other guys that ran away failed Both the practical and the actual Biology course that year.
Personally, I sat for the same courses for good 6years; making it 6 different times entirely.
On my third year of rewriting, I summoned courage to visit him in his office. I went to see him to plead with him, he didn’t know me, he only knew of my matric number. So I’d to take the bull by the horn to explain what had happened. He laughed wickedly and angrily sent me away, I returned the next day. He told me, if I return again then it would be very bad and I won’t like it. I left him for a week. I consulted my advisor, Dr. Mrs Adigun. I explained everything to her… She told me, I should give him time, and to return to him after sometime. That he may consider my ‘show of repentance’. So I didn’t return for like a month.
Then one day, I was returning from a friend’s place Osisami Babalola Enitan on Friday after I had gone to play chess, I saw him also returning from the mosque. We both met along the school former fine-art department, just by the way that leads to Alata eatery, Under G.
I quickly used the opportunity of meeting him just coming from the mosque to plead yet again. He treated me like ‘poo’
He still went on to fail me even in my 400level. On my final year, I went to him, then I was married. I took my pregnant wife to plead with him. He walked us out and told us never to come again. He promised to report to the school security. So we left.
He failed me for 5 years consecutively. It was hard for me.
I wept for days.
I told my parents, and few friends.. It prevented me from going for NYSC with my class 13′ set.
Then I turned to God. Yes, I was guilty and I deserved punishment but that was too much. I prayed ‘no be small’. So many different phases of life, most times it is always our fault that we find ourselves in difficult situations but immediately we get to seek God for help, he surely always provide us a solution to all of our problems. I seek God’s face and he never fails.
That biology course was taken away from him and was given to someone else, it was given to another Dr. I can never forget him.
I registered as a spill-over student, and sat for it, I borrowed 4 other courses to boost my CGPA, I collected my result and my biology 101, 102,104 and 106 were all A(s).
That was how I got cleared.
Moving forward, During my service year, after I redeployed from Abia state to Oyo, I was posted to the West Africa examination council. (Waec) Ijokodo, Ibadan. Great place with wonderful people. On my great work ethics, being dutiful and so diligent during my service year, I was given the green card and permitted at all time to work during their examination and marking exercise each and every time I so wish. Oluwafemi Martins my great boss, one of the great people I had worked with.
Coincidentally, I was officially sent to Ogbomoso marking venue as an assistant subject examination officer to partner my Waec daddy
I was handling Biology and chemistry subjects.
For the ones who don’t understand the whole drama during the Waec marking exercise.
We give out the examination scripts to qualified teachers or graduates with the certification in their specified subjects for marking and recording during a stipulated period of 21/23
So that day in April, there was a long queue of Examiners waiting to submit their CV. Then this Dr. lecturer that failed me for 5years was on the queue too, I’d spotted him.
My wonderful Waec daddy was beside me, he asked while I was smiling, I simply told him that something funny will soon happen, and when it was this Dr’s turn, He greeted and called me “sir” (bending his head). I quickly stood up to greet him too. But I was so surprised, he didn’t recognize my face. Apparently, he would never have thought and believe and to be possible for the young man in front of him to be me.
So I pretended as if I had nothing in mind too, I was going through his CV when he started pleading that he really needed my help concerning this marking stuff, he told me he came along with his daughter who is a gate crasher ( these are people who are new to the marking system) and his wife who also had marked for a long time but needed to mark too.
He told me Ladoke Akintola university of technology had been on strike for over a year and nothing seemed fine, no salary. No money and nothing at all. I should help him. At that point I told him to call his wife and daughter. He did. I then asked him; “Sir, Is it truly that you do not recognize my face?”
He said, “ehn! It’s like this face is familiar o but you know there are many people like that I can’t remember. I can’t really remember where and when I had seen your face”. I told him to try, that I will only help him if he can remember where we had met and when..
He didn’t remember so I helped him out with my surname, I told him. “This is Akeju, the guy you failed for consecutive 5 years. The guy that brought his pregnant wife to beg you but still, you sent us away”.
At that point, he was dumbfounded. He left without saying a word. His wife and daughter were confused and everyone on the queue too. His wife asked what the matter was, I told her to go and ask her husband.
Shortly, His wife and daughter returned. He had explained everything, they knelt down and asked for forgiveness. I smiled and asked them to tell him to come back. He had gone home. In the evening he did returned.
He asked for forgiveness, and I did forgave him. More than he had asked for, I granted him all of his requests. We were not permitted to give more than a packet packed of scripts but I gave him more than one. Just for him to make more money. He wept uncontrollably.
Matthew 5:44 “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you”.
I only know of the way of doing good even unto them that do me evil.
Till I left ogbomoso, he was always calling because I had put enough food on his table and not only him, but also for his family during that difficult period they were going through.
It’s left to him, if he will change or not.
Our tomorrow isn’t promised

Billionaire, Bill Gates Finally Fulfill His Dream Of Playing Tennis Alongside Roger Federer (Photo)

One of the World’s richest men, Bill Gates, has revealed how he finally fulfilled his dream of playing alongside tennis legend, Roger Federer in style.

American billioanire business magnate, investor, philanthropist and humanitarian, Bill Gates, who is obviously overwhelmed after he fulfilled his dream of playing alongside tennis legend, Roger Federer in #MATCHFORAFRICA campaign, has taken to Instagram to share his joy.
The popular computer scientist and founder of the Microsoft Corporation took to his social media page, Instagram, and shared a photo of him and the tennis great.
He wrote: “I’m a huge fan of @rogerfederer, so the chance to play tennis with him is a dream come true.
“It’s also a great opportunity to shine a light on the terrific philanthropic work that he and his family are doing in Southern Africa.
“I will get to play Alongside him again tonight on #match for Africa (which you can watch live on Facebook).”
American billioanire business magnate, investor, philanthropist and humanitarian, Bill Gates, who is obviously overwhelmed after he fulfilled his dream of playing alongside tennis legend, Roger Federer in #MATCHFORAFRICA campaign, has taken to Instagram to share his joy.
The popular computer scientist and founder of the Microsoft Corporation took to his social media page, Instagram, and shared a photo of him and the tennis great.
He wrote: “I’m a huge fan of @rogerfederer, so the chance to play tennis with him is a dream come true.
“It’s also a great opportunity to shine a light on the terrific philanthropic work that he and his family are doing in Southern Africa.
“I will get to play Alongside him again tonight on #match for Africa (which you can watch live on Facebook).”