17-Year-Old Boy Who Survived After Being Shot 22 Times Shares His Life Changing Experience A Year Later (Photos)

A man has shared his life changing experience after getting shot 22 times and surviving the shocking encounter.

A 17-year-old teenager who lived a care-free life has shared the touching life changing experience that taught him to value of life.

The man with the Twitter handle @hotboydee whose name is Dmarius Jones revealed how he became a changed person after he was shot 22 times. According to him, God saw him through as he survived the tragedy to tell his story one year later.

Lord so many nights I cried myself to see waiting for this day for everything to be over. Today is that day 1 year ago 22 bullets, months of recovery and suffering,4 months incarcerated, but a life time of life lessons. Thank you LORD all praise and glory be to you!!” he wrote on Twitter.
Read the full story below:

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