19 Year Old Boy Who Lost His Two Girlfriends Shortly After They Gave Birth… Vows To Fight On… And People Think Something Is Wrong With Him [See Reactions]

A 19 year old guy has taken to social media to share his story on he lost two girlfriends shortly after having babies for him and he has also declared he will never give up.

He wrote on the social media site; “At 17 I had my first child my girlfriend got killed in a drive by. At 18 I had a daughter and my 2nd girlfriend died of cancer but im still strong ??. 19 2 kids with 2 jobs in college. Will never give up ?? #GrindDontStop”

Some reactions:

@mz_esheza: You need strong deliverance sir

@adesola_jp: Baba no fight again abeg, please stay single

@vicky_baybeh: Is like this one is not supposed to have girlfriend o

@uzoamakamma: Youll still get another girl pregnant and she will have AIDS. Don’t zip up and finish your school first!

@PhoneHomeConnor: Mann you need to just stay single for now on

@lost_girl_alex: Yea maybe instead of kiss of death, it’s cum of death. Like if he cums inside you you die ??

@VirtueVicto: Jesus just stay single and watch over this kids please. Accident and cancer ahhhhhh

@daveyoung84: Ok so at 16 you impregnated a girl and then maybe right after she was killed you impregnated a girl that presumably had terminal cancer. This just ain’t adding up but ok…

@favoursalu: The way you started, by the time you get to 30 yrs, you will have like 17″kids.

akorede_adekoya: I am sure he is related to some place in Nigeria deep deep his village people are not tired yet

lollyvannila: If should happen to a young man in Nigeria people will be saying his village people are work in his life. What’s destined to happen will surely happen.

autogram772: Ladies you’ve heard it from the horses mouth. Stay away from that dude… something is not right

bard.jpeg: This guy doesn’t look 19, his second child doesn’t look like a girl, the children look a bit older than expected. Hope I’ve convinced and not confused you that this guy was just trying to use the hashtag and gain fame?! ?

typearlsevents: Their purposes in life was to give you two beautiful strong daughters but pray

courtney_kierra: Something is wrong here?oga 19yrs wetin u do ur girlfriends??i pity the next victim

miebi_f: LMAO… OGA has been cheating,there’s only 12 months BTW 17yrs n 18yrs, 12months – 9months(of being pregnant)=3months…so, apparently, he met his 2nd gf exactly 3months after the 1st died?.. Hell no!!! … He even stated it.. He said “my 2nd girlfriend”…if you know, you know ?

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