The people of Patigi LGA have assured President Buhari of their commitment to his re-election as Nigeria President come 2019 despite being a local government in the home state of Senator Bukola Saraki who has been having political differences with President Buhari and APC. The people of Patigi LGA demonstrated this to the whole world Yesterday, 18th August with groundbreaking solidarity rally in support of President Buhari.

The rally which was tagged Patigi For Buhari 2019 was attended by over three thousand participants across the three Districts of the local government and began from Patigi Cultural Centre with many Nupe Artists who were entertaining the people with various Buhari customized songs with chorus Sai Buhari as the people were matching on the street with banners and cardboard papers putting on Buhari Customized shirts.

According to Coordinator of the Patigi LGA For Buhari 2019 organization, they have unanimously resolved to aligned and support President Buhari after wide consultations and considerations of the numerous benefits Patigi LGA has enjoyed under the present administration among which are the ongoing reconstruction of Share-Patigi and Patigi-Kpada Roads, over 400 Npower beneficiaries, 1198 Household Upliftment beneficiaries, farmers bumper harvest, improved power supply and host of others.

In his words, to this end, we, the entire people of Lade, Patigi and Kpada Districts making up the Patigi LGA have pledge our support for President Muhammadu Buhari because to whom much is given, much is expected and President Buhari has given the people of Patigi LGA much and we shall give him back that much, In Sha Allahu.

Hajiya Fatima who spoke un behalf of women said President Buhari has no contender because his achievements are unprecedented and his credibility and integrity unparalleled, hence, his reelection is not negotiable. However, Mr. Ndeji, one of the N-Power beneficiaries advised those grouping and regrouping not to waste their time as politics is no more based on money but based on candidate’s credibility and political achievements which President Buhari has succeeded in proving beyond reasonable doubt. Another N-Power beneficiary said he believes in Buhari because he has proven that a Nigeria where a son of nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody is possible. He reminded those defecting from Buhari’s party that even in 2015, they did not vote for Buhari because of them but voted for them because of Buhari, so those leaving Buhari’s party now should say bye bye to their political careers in Patigi and Kwara state come 2019.