Awareness and Education : A core tool to fight cybercrime

The main challenges the government of Nigeria is faced with is the general lack of awareness of cyber security measures and the risks associated with cyber crime.

Team of young Nigerian Cybersecurity Science undergraduates from Federal University of Technology, Minna ready to help the Government of Nigeria and citizens on awareness of cybersecurity measures and risks associated with cybercrimes.

The team has a wider coverage plans to effect change in the cybersecurity landscape of Nigeria through capacity building, awareness and education.

As staying safe online using different technology and devices is becoming an important thing all Nigerians has to do to in recent time. Education and awareness becomes a tool that needed to be widely use to enlighten the civil society, public and private institutions for them to take part in the fight against cybercrimes.

Nigerians are encouraged to follow the team on Twitter www.twitter/CyberTalkNaija to have daily guides and awareness. Institutions across sectors, private and public such as schools, tertiary institution, the civil society, organized trade units are encourage to invite them to enlighten them more on cybersecurity by contacting them using