Buhari Expresses Sadness As APC Loses 50 Elective Seats

Eniola Akinkuotu, Abuja

President Muhammadu Buhari has
expressed sadness over the decision of the Supreme Court to bar the All
Progressives Congress from participating in all elections (except the
Presidential poll).

Buhari expressed his view during the APC mega rally in Rivers State on Tuesday.

President said, “I am very disturbed by the decision that we are not
allowed to participate in some of the processes. I have no doubt that I
got elected but I have to respect the institutions that I inherited. I
assure you and I recommend that you remain patient and resolute. We will
ensure that justice is done in this country.”

The ruling of the
Supreme Court implied that the APC has lost 32 House of Assembly seats,
13 House of Representatives positions, three senatorial positions and
governorship and deputy governorship seats.

The President also begged the electorate to “bear with him” as he continues to fix the country.

said he would deploy the armed forces and the police in the state to
ensure that all Nigerians are allowed to vote without intimidation.

Source:- Punchng