Christian Votes Will Make Atiku President – Governor Wike

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike has called on Christians to troop
out and vote during the forthcoming elections because their votes will
make the difference.

Speaking during a special combined
Sunday Worship Service at the Deeper Life Camp Ground, Rumudara, Port
Harcourt, Wike said Christians can no longer stand aloof while the
country slides into destruction.

He said that Christians should
not believe the false propaganda that they cannot influence the outcome
of political contests in the country.

“You must vote during the
forthcoming elections. If you don’t vote and a bad leader emerges, you
are part of those that brought that bad leadership.

“Your vote can make the difference. So go ahead and vote to effect a positive change”, he said.

He charged the church not to allow the children of God to be surrounded by those not supposed to be in charge of leadership.

governor said that all Christians have witnessed first-hand the
failures of the last four years of the Federal Government which have
destroyed the economy, engendered unemployment, insecurity and
dictatorial tendencies.

He said this was the opportunity to chart a new direction.

said that all efforts of Christians to ensure the country makes
progress would be crowned when they vote for their preferred choice.

He appealed to Christians to continue to pray against those plotting electoral violence and bloodshed in Rivers State.

said: “Please pray for this state. Pray against those plotting
electoral violence in this state. Pray for the state to have peaceful
and credible polls. Those plotting shall be disappointed.

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“None of my supporters should engage in political violence on my behalf. Nobody should use violence to support me”.

governor stated that security agencies plotting bloodshed in Rivers
State will be consumed by their plot and Rivers State will emerge

He said Christians should pray that God enables
Judges to act right despite the intimidation and false propaganda by the
APC Federal Government.

The Deeper Life Camp Ground Youth Choir
Ministered to the congregation in a Special number where they declared
that they are no longer slaves to sin and fear, but children of God.

State Head of Deeper Life Church, Pastor Chike Onwuasunya said truly Governor Wike is Mr. Project as his projects are visible.

declared that all those making prophecies and preaching violence
against Rivers State will witness the peaceful elections. He said all
evil plans will fail.

He urged Deeper Life members to vote to determine the positive direction of the country