“I Never Knew Flogging Could Kill Him” – Woman Who Killed Husband’s Nephew

The woman who flogged a boy (husband’s nephew) to death over alleged theft of N6,500, has disclosed that she never knew flogging could kill him. 

The 47-year-old woman identified as Joy Egeonu
who hurriedly buried the primary three pupil, Chibuike, in the Ifo area
of the state immediately he died, told newsmen that the deceased and his
younger sister had been living with her for seven years after their
parents separated.

Joy who disclosed that Chibuike decided to
stay back from church the day the incident happened, further revealed
that she discovered that a sum of N6,500 she had kept in her room was
missing even after she warned the boy to stay at home while she and the
other children left for church. According to her when they came back
from the church around 9pm, they did not meet Chibuike at home.

woman who flogged husband’s nephew to death, told newsmen that Chibuike
started complaining of stomach ache as she was beating her, adding that
she later knew that the money was taken by her husband.

“My room
was disorganised. As I was wondering what could have happened, the boy
ran inside and rushed to the toilet. When he came out, I asked him where
he had been to. He said he attended a party in the neighbourhood. I
found that the N6,500 I kept in my room was missing and I asked him if
he took it. He said yes and that he kept it inside a vehicle.

took me to the vehicle, but I didn’t find the money. As I was beating
him, he started complaining of stomach ache. I stopped beating him. He
was still complaining of the ache when my husband came in. I told my
husband what happened and he said he was the one that took the money. He
said he came back from work and did not meet anybody at home” she

She further disclosed that she made a concoction of ground
bitter kola and milk for the boy to drink, and the ache subsided.
However after a while, Chibuike started complaining of stomach ache

“I also asked him to put his hand in his mouth so he could
vomit whatever he might have eaten. My husband had gone to bed. When
the pain did not stop around 2.30am, I woke him up and we decided to
take the boy to hospital. When we got there, a doctor confirmed that he
was dead.

“I usually cane him, which I did that day. I only beat
him on the hands and legs. I never knew that kind of beating could kill
him. He was always with my husband at his workshop. His mother is my
husband’s younger sister. She had an issue with her husband seven years
ago, and they separated. Three of her four children, including Chibuike
started living with me and my husband. My husband later took one of the
three children to the village to reduce the burden. I did not kill him”
she said.