Man Falsely Accused Of Being A Thief Burnt To Death In Lagos

A young man identified as Temitope Adeoye, was allegedly killed and burnt to death after he was wrongly accused of being a thief in Lagos state.

A colleague of Sodiq, @acelady_luck who shared
the heartbreaking story online, said Sodiq had just gotten to his
bus-stop and was about to pay the motorcycle that will take him home
when some boys in the area started shouting thief and pointing at him.
As he attempted to clarify himself, he was roughhandled, beaten up,
stabbed and then set ablaze. He left behind a pregnant girlfriend.

is the picture of TEMITOPE ADEOYE,his Facebook handle is (A KAN JI) he
is my colleague at work apapa tincan island port, was coming from work
when someone people point him as thief he was burn to death instantly
his mother died last December and his girlfriend is heavily pregnant pls
justice sodique justice for his family it happened last night along
cele ijesha road