Man Sleeps With Neighbours Two Wives, Causing Stir

The alleged man moving out of his homestead following.
There was shock and drama at a homestead in Garissa County as a man packed his belongs and shifted from a plot following claims that his neighbour was sleeping with his two wives.

The furious man very early in the morning came with a pickup and collected his belongings leaving behind his two wives.

The two ladies allegedly lived together in the same homestead and got along well despite being co-wives.

The husband is a businessman in Nairobi

The man caused drama at the plot swearing to teach his neighbour a lesson.

“He will regret what he did. I will make sure he rots in jail,” lamented the man.

The neighbours noted that the alleged man had divorced with his wife following the frequent visits to the neighbours two wives.

It is not clear how the man managed to sleep with the two ladies but the neighbours claimed he frequently visited them.

“The two ladies have been very close with Kevin (the accused) and one would easily suspect something was going on between the three,” noted Sheila Mwende.

The accused, Kevin locked himself in his house as the drama unfolded.

“That is very wrong for someone to sleep with someone’s wife. Kevin is the reason his wife left him for taking care of their neighbour’s sexual needs,” noted Abdalla Abdi.