“My Journey To Aso Rock Was Not Fruitful” – NANS Zone B Coordinator


Recall, in the structure of NANS, that we have the National, the
Senate, the Zonal, the JCC and SUG Presidential structure…
On 2nd
January, 2019, I received an excitement call from the President of NANS,
Comr. Danielson Bamidele Akpam (GCONS), in his usual way, we cracked
few jokes and he landed with a message of hope that, His Excellency,
President of Federal Republic of Nigeria wants to talk with NANS
leaderships. I was happy with excitement that the ongoing ASUU strike
will soon be a thing of the past. I started calling my fellow
Coordinators in the Aluta Struggle to acertain their level of
preparation for the visit, everyone was on a high hope for immediate
resolution of ASUU issue.
Be aware, that I am a Master’s Degree
Student of FUTO, almost done with my class duties, just waiting for the
defence of my thesis, lo and behold the ASUU strike strook like a
tsunami which stands as an obtacle to all important programmes am doing.

boarded to Abuja in my usual way, after notifying the entire NANS ZONE B
on my Facebook wall. On my arrival there was no hotel reservation, so I
had to pay for one as some of my associates came visiting after which I
received a text requesting for my presence in the morning to the
arranged place before departure to ASO ROCK.
I was convinced that
it’s true I am seeing Mr. President one on one for the first time since
1999, I have been hearing the name Buhari in Nigeria Political space. I
quickly said to myself, I am the mouth piece of other Coordinators at
least, I will have the singular privilege to say the bitter truth of our
poor educational system and condem intoto the level of politics that
the cabals are playing with our collective future.
Behold I saw myself in an unusual environment, beautified with
ornamental trees with several degrees of security well positioned and at
alert in their respective stationings. I was asked to submit my phones
alongside my colleagues and multi-faceted formal leaders of the
association. I horridly checked on the programme of the event, no
scheduled time for Coordinators to speak, I said ok, I trusted the NANS
President to understand that the World(Nigerian Students, etc) is
watching our attitudes in issues of national importance. However I sent
the ZONE A Coordinator to remind him of many things as possible in case
if it’s not part of his agenda because he didn’t brief us the nature of
the struggle.

Leadership is a misunderstood term. It is overused
to describe everything from “running an organization” or “managing
people” to “being on a board or council”. Many people can do those
things, but very few can actually “lead”. True leadership requires a
complex set of skills and a great passion on the part of the leader – to
get the work done through other people. It requires a huge amount of
emotional intelligence, a dedication to succeed, and a willingness to
keep going despite overwhelming obstacles.
I am perturbed because of
the outing, my expectations wasn’t met, I expected immediate sack of the
Minister of Labour for his groose failure in resolving ASUU impulses
that have lasted more than three months in a government that promises

If during PDP regime, ASUU went on strike on the same
outlined issues, now in APC government, ASUU is equally on strike
because of same, WHAT IS THE PROMISE OF CHANGE…?
I expected His
Excellency, President Mohammed Buhari (GCFR) to first tender apology to
students for keeping us at home even when we hoped for the best in his
government with a salted promise of resolving the matter within a
certain period of time, but he didn’t give us such hope, it was indeed a
pitiable outing and I apologize to NANS ZONE B for going to ASO-VILLA
and coming back without a positive result yet.
They say “everyone is a
moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” In the NANS
President’s speech, he started well by condemning the poor funding of
educational system in Nigeria, along the line he blamed ASUU of
selfishness in most of the demand which I kicked against, I said No to
it, ASUU is not demanding much than what both FG & the union agreed
on in 2009. ASUU is not demanding much than what we use to fight
insugence in the Northeast, assuming ASUU demand was met since 2011 to
train every Nigerian to be educated under a refined environment there
will be no weapon of war in Nigeria. The only war we could have been
having will be intellectual war of “do it right at the first time”, it
dawned on me that the intellectual ZONE like South-South and South-East
will not swallow the fruitless outing and clap gbosaa for the

We proposed a total shut down of economic activities
in major cities by NANS on the 7th of January before the visit to ASO
ROCK , it’s important for FG to understand the urgency to revive the
educational sector in Nigeria. We have witnessed many administrative
rascalities by those who doesn’t want the system to work, scrapping of
already structured discipline in our campuses, extortion and all forms
of criminality nobody is talking about. FG as a matter of urgency should
set up high powered Tertiary Educational Presidential Intervention Team
cum declare state of emergency in our campuses not only to release
The president of NANS also promise to support His Excellency,
President Mohammed Buhari (GCFR) re-election if he resolve ASUU issues
fast. To NANS ZONE B under my watch it’s not a Panacea to support him.
Resolving ASUU crisis is our right and can never be the reasons why
Nigerian Students should support his re-election, NEVER! Rather it will
be by his score cards, antecedent, pedegree cum manifesto.

therefore, state categorically that I exonerate my ZONE, the South-South
and South-Eastern region from such promises until the needful of
returning ASUU and students back to classroom is met, then we can talk
politics because we must be involved for I do believe in exertion that
the fastest way of Solving a social challenge is through political
However, it’s pitiable that we are meeting His
Excellency for the first time since three and half years in office, NANS
has the highest population as an association in African black race of
such deserves a place in the heart of any head of state not only on
crisis like this.

I commend, Comr. Danielson Bamidele Akpan, NANS
President for attracting this visit, but regrets absolutely the outcome
with fundamental Aluta higihagaaaa.
During the visit of NANS to the
former Nigerian Presidents, almost all the Zonal Coordinators bought a
new car after the visit as evidence that the met Mr President! outside
the struggle, but I announce regrettably that I didn’t see the least
fifty thousand Naira (#50,000) as a Zonal Coordinator of the largest
ZONE in NANS. I fed myself, paid my hotel bills , paid my flight bills
of such you now know that there’s no resources from the Rock at the

This is necessary to note, hence debunk the news of being
empowered by the presidency. I know by now, no one will henceforth call
me for any share of ASO ROCK struggle.
Therefore, I appeal to ASUU
passionately to understand that this is Political era by this strike,
over 20.1million votes will be void that means this number of people
have been disenfranchised of their right to vote indirectly because many
of them registered close to their campuses. As a matter of conscience,
negotiate with FG and resolve fast, he who fights and run will live to
fight again.
Yours in Struggle…
Comr. Okereke Godson C Bishop