Nigerian Man Based In Japan Reveals Why He Has Not Gone Into Crime (Photos)

A Nigerian man who is based in Japan is making the rounds online after giving the reasons why he has not ventured into crime. 

to Echezona Udeze who hails from Nnewi in Anambra state, he made up his
mind not to ever go into crime following the advice given to him by his
parents as he said he’s content with the “little” money he makes from
hustling legitimately in Japan. 

Read his full reasons below as shared earlier today on Facebook. 

fathers advice when I was going to Lagos in 1990:Echezona please don’t
bring disgrace to this family and my name though I know you very well.

mother advice when I was going to Lagos in 1990:Echezona don’t bring
shame to before the presence of my fellow women though I trust
you.because of this advise from both parents who brought me up in a
Christian way.

Sometimes when I took my personal quite time to
think and reason how i will look sitting inside prison for committing a
crime.when I think on how my name will trend all over the world for
being arrested for drug trafficking or being involved in fraud business
or deal mostly on Facebook social media and internet.

when I
think on how Udeze family name will be a disgraced to people ears all
over the world.when I think on how my father and mother names will be
castigated because of me stealing Someone’s car in Japan or being
involved is a criminal case in Japan.

when I think of how my
immediate brothers and sisters will face the general public in the
church market places and streets because of the crime that I
committed.when I think of the way my wife and children will look at on
the streets of Japan because of my evil deeds.when I think of what my
Facebook friends will say about me or against me both those that loves
and hates me.

when I think on how enemies of progress laugh at me
and my generations and celebrate my down fall .when I think on how
friends of progress will feel about me.i simply and personally walk
straight to my tall standing mirror and say to my self please respect
your self and never bring bring disgrace to your family and friends.

for that single reason I reject every bad business and everything that
will make me to fall into traps of Satan out of greed and selfishness
and love of money.and I don’t care how fast and faster my fellow Igbos
and mates are making it speedily and faster.

i concentrate on my
job and depend on God and my little salary.and by the grace of God am
making it little by little and still strongly believe in (ezi aha ka
ego)good name is better than money. (Ndu ka aku)life is better than
riches. and finally till today am enjoying total freedom here in Japan
and my home town.

My residence permit and my names are pure than
gold and is whiter than snow and I still need more grace to
get to the end without stain or pollution.