Pandemonium As Giant TV Screen Falls On Egyptian Politicians At An Event. Video

A giant television screen came crashing down on a group of Egyptian politicians. The horrifying clip filmed during the recent election campaign shows a panel of eight candidates giving impassioned speeches on why they should get the vote.

As the camera cuts to a woman in a black veil she can be heard desperately trying to appeal to her voters.

But as the others patiently wait their turn disaster strikes and the large screen behind them starts to collapse.

One of the male hopefuls can be seen trying in vain to prevent the structure from falling on top of them but it comes smashing down regardless.

The group of unknown politicians appear to have cheated death when their heads emerge between the gaps in the screen’s base.

Hysterical crowds rush to the front of the room where they are seen desperately trying to lift it off them.

No one appears to have been hurt, despite the deafening crash.

Watch Video:

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