Sex Enhancing Drugs: Man Sent Away From Home For Demanding Too Much Sex


The police at Ikotun Division, Lagos,
have ordered a man, one Solomon Uduchukwu, who took sex enhancing drugs
to sleep witb his wife, Ijeoma, to leave his matrimonial home in order
to save her life and for the protection of their two children.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered it was the temporary measure taken by the police to maintain peace between the couple.

week, Solomon Uduchukwu chased his wife, Ijeoma and his two children
away because the wife refused him sex after she discovered that Solomon
usually took sex enhancing drugs before sleeping with her.

alleged that after Solomon took those enhancing drugs, he would make
love to her for over two hours and at a time she said she almost died in
the process because of long period of sex.

She then investigated
what made him to stay much longer unlike in the past and discovered
that he was taking enhancing drugs before the romps.

As usual,
Solomon took the drugs and attempted to touch Ijeoma but she refused and
told him that she will never allow him to sleep with her because he was
taking drugs.

In the morning, Solomon chased her and their two
children away from the house, locked up the place claiming that he no
longer wanted them.
The action attracted the attention of the neighbours and an NGO who reported the matter to the police.

our correspondent visited their house at Prophet Amowo Street, Onitire
bus stop in Abaranje, Ikotun area of Lagos, both the wife and children
were stranded outside before the police came, forced the door open and
took them back to the house.

It was later that Solomon went to
the police station and was told by the police to find a place to stay
because his action had affected the children and wife who were afraid to
see him in the house.

When our reporter contacted Ijeoma, she confirmed that Solomon had stayed clear from the house as directed by the police but that the matter has not been concluded yet at the police station.

Source:- Pmexpressng