Sign Death Warrant For 2,500 Inmates, NPS Tells Governors

The Nigerian Prisons Service (NPS) has appealed to state governors to
intervene in the management of the over 2,500 inmates on death row by
approving their execution or commuting their sentence to life

The public relations officer of the NPS, Mr
Francis Enobore, who made the appeal in an interview with the News
Agency of Nigeria (NAN) yesterday in Abuja, said the governors’ action
was needed towards decongesting the prisons.

According to him,
condemned convicts have been a big issue in the Nigerian Prison Service
and it has been difficult to deal with the issue.

“Before now, a
prison might have 500 condemned convicts and, of course, that can be
managed, but a situation where you have more than that, then it becomes
an issue.

“Presently, over 2,500 condemned convicts are in
prisons. Some of them have exhausted their appeals and are only awaiting
the hangman. This issue has caused deep anger among them; they have
become hardened and difficult to control.

“You greet some of
them, they won’t even respond. You try to make them not feel discouraged
in life, they see you as a threat, ” he said.

Enobore noted that
the condemned convicts were different from those awaiting trial who
could be taken to court anytime, adding that the state governors need to
sign the death warrants because some of them had become difficult to

According to him, governors could also commute some
sentences to life imprisonment so that the beneficiaries of such gesture
would have hope of living to become better persons in the future.

they are, they can’t go to school while in prison and they can’t even
partake in skill acquisition, but if the appeal is granted, it would
enable them to go to school while in prison or have skills in any field.

“This would give them hope of becoming better people in the nearest future, ” Enobore said.