The world’s greatest mini village’ is for sale for $2.3million!!!

A popular roadside attraction dubbed the ‘world’s greatest mini village’ is looking for a new owner.
Roadside America in Shartlesville, Pennsylvania, has been a popular stop along Interstate 78 for decades – taking tourists back in time to look at American life over the past several hundred years.

The mouse-sized town portrays life in American spanning from early pioneer days up until the mid-20th century with barber shops, gushing fountains and buzzing airplanes, Penn Live reported.

The 7,450 square foot attraction sits on a 26-acre plot of land and is for sale for $2.3million, according to Commonwealth Real Estate.

While potential buyers look at the expansive property, though, Roadside American will remain open to the public.

The village was crafted by Laurence Gieringer, who died in 1963, and has remained open to the public since 1935.

At that time the exhibit, which was much smaller and took over part of Gieringer’s home, started to attract tourists – interested in the way he’d put his collection together.

When the 1940s rolled around the village had grown large enough that he decided to purchase a plot of land a build a warehouse for his collection.

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