Tinubu Blasted As He Campaigns At Lagos APC Rally

Tinubu Blasted As He Campaigns At Lagos APC Rally

Bola Tinubu while speaking at APC Campaign rally in Lagos State today said he is ‘teaching Atiku Abubakar a lesson’.

He spoke condemning Atiku and Peter Obi.

He asked the crowd if they will vote for Atiku Abubakar.

The crowd shouted ‘No!’

Bola Tinubu has come under severe criticisms. Some felt that he was
speaking incoherently. Some said he spoke and acted like someone ‘that
is drunk and high’….

Bola Tinubu was condemned for ‘not
highlighting what the APC has achieved in the past 4 years and why the
people should vote them again but rather spent his time attacking his
political opponents”.

A twitter user shared this video of Bola Tinubu behaving ‘somehow’ at the Lagos APC Rally and captioned it:

how Tinubu and APC are making campaigns. Still can’t say enough of PDP.
This is exactly why they have no vision for this country. Meanwhile,
Ambode is looking like a prodigal son asking for forgiveness