Woman Breaks Her Back After Husband Dropped Her During ‘Wife-Carrying Competition’. Photos

A man dropped his partner on her head during a “Wife Carrying Competition” in the UK. The man slipped while running through a muddy, downhill part of the course in Dorking, Surrey. The woman was seen writhing in agony after being dropped with quite some force.

Incredibly concerned looking spectators gasp almost in unison as the man checked to see if his wife is okay.

The woman is understood to have badly injured her back and had to be stretchered away by paramedics, though her current condition is unknown.

The bizarre annual event sees 40 participants carry their “wives” over a 380m course with 15m of ascent and descent.

It goes on to list potential injuries: “Slipped disk, broken legs and arms, spinal damage, facial injury, skull fracture, hernias, and other sundry injuries and illnesses, and potentially including death”.

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