Woman Manages To Take A Selfie While Being Held By A Knife-Wielding Kidnapper. Photos

A scared woman managed to snap a selfie while a knife-wielding kidnapper held a blade to her throat. Maria Analia da Conceição, 60, was standing at a bus stop in the city centre of São Paulo, Brazil, when she was accosted by another woman.

The female assailant came up behind the librarian, put a knife to her neck and said: “You’re going to save me. Call the press”, reports Globo.

But despite having her life-threatened, Maria pretended to look for press contacts and managed to message her psychologist with whom she had an appointment with that day.

The 60-year-old then snapped a selfie of herself with the knife to her throat and sent it to the therapist who alerted the police.

Maria said: “She (the woman with the knife) was not paying attention to what I was doing.”

According to local media, the police received the first call about the incident at around 12.15pm.

Pictures from the scene show the attacker holding Maria while witnesses and police look on.

The female kidnapper reportedly put down the knife and gave herself up at 12.58pm after a tense stand-off.

Authorities have yet to confirm the identity of the attention-hungry attacker.

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