Young Man Does The ‘Unthinkable’ After A Lady Slapped Him On An ATM Queue (Photos)

A man has revealed the ‘unthinkable’ thing he did after a young lady reportedly slapped him while they were both queuing at an ATM to withdraw money.

A Nigerian Twitter user identified as Chris Nnatu (@chrisnnatu), has taken to the social networking platform to reveal how his friend was given a slap by a woman at an ATM queue.
According to Chris’ friend, a light argument had started after the woman came to the queue and insisted that she was there before him, and a few minutes later, she landed him a slap.
And to test her, he dared her to slap him again, and she did just that. But being a good guy that he is, he just stood for minutes, flashed back at his mom, sister, cousin, girlfriend and just walk away.
Below is how he narrated his story in full;

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